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PLUS Managed Payroll Services

Our PLUS Managed Payroll Administration will lift the burden off your shoulders
and keep you focused and operating your company.

ThinkSynergy Payroll Administrator Services

PLUS MANAGED PAYROLL - Our Unique Approach

ThinkSynergy's alternative payroll professionals can manage your time-consuming payroll processing and payroll tax filing, so you can focus on value-added and revenue-generating activities. We provide oversight while reducing in-house staffing needs and costs.

PLUS for 1-49 Employees

Monthly Fee: Starting at $500
Per Employee/Per Pay Period Fee:  $6

PLUS for 50+ Employees

Monthly Fee: Starting At $1500
Per Employee/Per Pay Period Fee:  $9

PLUS Managed Payroll Services

All of our Payroll Administration plans include these features:

  • Full payroll administration, processing, and submission.
  • Payroll vendor management and communications.
  • Coordination with your key stakeholders to gather all relevant payroll information.
  • New employee set up and terminations.
  • Change of status updates and garnishments.
  • Maintenance of any direct vendor feeds / integrations.
  • 401(k) / FSA vendor information uploads.
  • Creation of custom reports.
  • Updates to fields for rate changes, taxes, banking, etc.
  • Manual check calculations.
  • Oversight to ensure payroll is on budget, timely and accurate
  • Review and research tied to tax notices.
  • Off-cycle payroll transmissions (i.e. bonus payrolls).
  • Review of quarterly tax reports, including validation of tax filings.
  • W-2 review and reconciliation at year-end.
  • PTO management
  • Salary and wage budgeting

Why Consider PLUS Managed Payroll Services?

Reduce Cost

When you consider all that goes into processing payroll – calculating pay, printing checks, keeping up with regulations, maintaining software – it may be more cost-effective to hire a payroll administrator.

Less Stress

Processing payroll is stressful. People’s livelihoods are in your hands. When you work with an alternative payroll workforce, we deal with the stress and hassle of the payroll process.

Strictest Confidentiality

Maintain security of confidential employee information and pay rates. Confidentiality of employee payroll data is critical because a leak can result in discord among employees and compromise the employer or employee’s financial situation

Highly Experienced Professionals

You can quickly understand, adapt, and implement changes to reporting requirements, wage and hour laws, and taxes. You’ll gain access to a team of experts that specialize in payroll processing and oversight.

Free Up Key Staff

Payroll Administration requires a significant time commitment. According to a 2018 Deloitte survey, more than 25% of respondents indicated that their payroll staff spends most of their time running payroll.
We streamline processes and boost productivity – freeing up finance, payroll, and/or HR team members to focus on more strategic projects.


Avoid costly penalties. According to the IRS, approximately 33% of employers make payroll errors, and 40% of small businesses pay an average penalty of $845 per year for late or incorrect filings and payments (Accounting Today, 2018). Get accurate and timely reporting and oversight with our Payroll Administrators.

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