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Systems Engineering Services

Bring your IDEAS to life faster with the help of our experienced fractional software engineering team.

ThinkSynergy’s expert system integration solutions can streamline your diverse systems to enhance visibility into your operations, increase employee productivity, minimize security risk, and reduce operational cost. Our software development team maximizes the power of your technologies and systems by solving your most challenging and complex system integration issues.

Whether you are looking to streamline laborious business processes, eliminate the need for so many different systems, or enhance company-wide productivity, our team is ready to discuss your system integration options. We are able to quickly ramp up, in part due to our extensive experience in many industries, and be able to start making an immediate impact.

Python, C, C++, PHP, JavaScript, Embedded Assembler and more.
Multi-thread, multi-core, high availability software.

PHP, Python, HTML, Javascript.
Bootstrap, react, angular, custom solutions.
Advanced HTML5/CSS design for Web 2.0 and mobile.
3D and 2D web content viewing and interaction.

Daemons, servers, services and client-facing processes.
Non-linear and linear queues, workers, threads, AI and batch/offline processing.

SQL database design, implementation and maintenance
Data warehousing and archiving.
MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, OracleDB.
Database clusters, duplication, back up and high availability design.

Front-end design for Desktop applications.
All Major OS support: Linux, Windows, MacOS.
C++ with QT / C++ with WX
C with GTK

IoT and cyber-physical systems design: Hardware and Software.
Architectures: AVR, ARM, ESP32, etc.
Software: C, C++, Arduino-compatible, ESP-IDF compatible, FreeRTOS.
Endpoint security for embedded systems.
Mesh networks design and implementation.

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